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Omega Speedmaster Mk 2 - Tropical Brown Dial

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An especially rare Omega Speedmaster Mk 2 with a chocolate brown tropical dial in excellent overall condition acquired from a classic watch enthusiasts collection.

The change to the Omega Speedmaster case for the mark 2 saw the application of the ‘sunburst’ finish that contrasts the highly polished beveled edges. The case on this example is in lovely condition with brushed sides, highly polished bevel and the sunburst finish to the top.

The watch is all original except for a new glass that was fitted when the watch was serviced with seals and gaskets replaced in 2015. The movement is in excellent clean condition, is working perfectly and keeping accurate time. All chronograph settings work correctly and reset as they should.

Collectors have been lured to the watches by their rarity and the striking beauty of an Omega Speedmaster Professional “tropical brown," especially when paired with a strap that compliments or matches the dial’s rich hues. For better or worse, speculators have also been lured to the watches due to their rarity and the perception that the defect will only make the watches more desirable in years to come and return a tidy profit for anyone wise enough to buy now and hold.

Looking at historic sales data for all series of Omega Speedmaster watches on online auction site eBay, on average, the Omega Speedmaster “tropical brown” dial colour sold for 124 percent more than did watches with a black dial. When filtering for just the Omega Speedmaster Professional that premium jumps up to 334 percent, with an average price for a Omega Speedmaster Professional “tropical brown” topping out at £6,250.

The average price of a Omega Speedmaster Professional “tropical brown," regardless of series, is £3,300.

Long known as the “Moonwatch”, Omega's Speedmaster became an instant legend in the 1960s when it was chosen by NASA for official use in space, including the Gemini and Apollo programmes. But it was not originally designed for such a use. So in 1969, Omega produced a new, even more qualified watch—the Speedmaster MkII—for space missions. With a distinctive, tapered case, it came with either a regular black dial or the much rarer brown tropical dial you see on this model.  

Supplied on a quality brown distressed leather strap.

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