The Alsta Watch Company

Sometimes things happen for a reason, they say, and for Angus MacFadyen it was the solution to a mystery that had plaqued the forum of watch spotters and watchnerds for years: just what watch is Richard Dreyfuss wearing in Spielberg's classic 1975 thriller, Jaws?

After MacFadyen decided to buy the Alsta name in 2010 two guys from the USA correctly identified Alsta as the watch that Dreyfuss's oceanographer character Matt Hooper wears in the film. Seven years on and the launch model of the new Alsta Watch Company is a revival of Hooper's tonneau-cased diving watch, the Nautoscaph II (though fitted with a silky Milanese mesh, rather than the Spiedel Mach 1 bracelet from the film).

Alsta Nautoscaph II 

Keen to ensure the new watch was faithful to the original, MacFadyen paid particular attention to the case, dial, bezel, crown, hands... " they're all sourced from Switzerland or Germany," MacFadyen confirms, " save for one critical component.. " I wanted to keep the retail price under £1,000, as customers might bulk at paying more than £1,000 for a brand they hadn't heard of before. So when it came to the movement, I had a bit of a decision to make. To keep the price down, I couldn't go for a Swiss automatic, but if it wasn't Swiss, it still had to be automatic and still had to be good."

And good it certainly is: MacFadyen has gone for Seiko's rock solid NH35A automatic calibre and this movement sits very comfortably within the new timepiece as well as being the foundation of many other extremely popular and classic watches.