About Grayton

Grayton brand’s founder Remi Chabrat spent twenty five years in the watch business with Montrichard Group, making timepieces for big name companies before venturing out and creating a line of watches all his own. Remi noticed that while quartz watches were coming down in price, traditional quality automatic watches were not following the same trend. He decided to make a change and at least give the world some options to make it a better place.

Grayton’s values are tradition and craftsmanship appealing to men and women with quality lifestyle. Heritage, transmission, sharing are part of our lives. Grayton encourages family and social exchange that brings joy. The harmonic oscillator of the watch is engaging, it makes you feel special and valued.

The NYC creative team designed Grayton automatic watches, in a simple yet efficient way, making the choice of accessible luxury by selecting the best components.

The watches are assembled in the owned factory of China where quality inspections are performed during all stages of the watch manufacturing process.

With Grayton automatic watches, here comes the first marketed brand dedicated to automatic watches for both men and women at the price of a quartz watch. Grayton has the will to shake up the watch market.

Welcome into the Grayton world!