Alsta History

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Alsta made beautifully-engineered high quality wristwatches for stylish men and women of intellectual and creative substance. People who required precision and robustness; scientists, engineers and industrialists as well as style-setters and the self-made. Alsta Watch Co succumbed in the late 1970s, along with many independent watchmakers, to the “quartz crisis” of the early 1970s which saw hundreds of watch and component manufacturers go out of business as the world feared the end of the road for quality wristwatches. Fortunately, mechanical watches survived.

Resurrected in 2014, Alsta lives again. Its first wristwatch for over 40 years is now ready to be your daily wearer. It has been two years in the making and we have chosen the classic Alsta Nautoscaph to revive and lead the resurrection of Alsta in the 21st Century. It thrills us to begin this first chapter of rebuilding a watch brand that disappeared. We now present to you the Alsta Nautoscaph II.

Our Values

Alsta brings romance back to wristwatches. Never following fashions or trends, our passions are design, craftsmanship and style. 

The typical Alsta wearer is an independently-minded man, possibly an entrepreneur. He is successful, driven, motivated a lover of adventure. He admires the explorers of the early 20th century, the style icons of the mid-20th century and the technology and business pioneers of the modern era. Like them, he is creating his footprint in the 21st century and inspires those around him.

He is driven more by ideals than by material wealth. Despite him enjoying beautiful things, he covets their style, longevity and craftsmanship, not their price tag. Equally, he is constantly making new discoveries and developing his tastes of style signifiers, like wristwatches.

Don’t confuse him with a man who can afford anything but knows the value of nothing. This is a man who knows what he wants and not what others tell him he should want. An Alsta man cares, dreams, romanticises, aspires and inspires.