About Grayton

The watch gathers and stores energy through the movements so it is therefore able to keep running if you take t off at night. Once the stored energy is used up, the watch will stop. Just a simple movement of the watch or winding of the crown (to reset the time and date) and the process starts all over again. Once the watch is in motion, it has an autonomy of 41 hours, during which it keeps going, even if you are not moving or not wearing the watch for many hours.

Why should you get an Automatic watch?

Choosing a Grayton Automatic Watch is a conscious return to a mindset that our Grandparents knew well: that investing in solid, built to last goods was the right thing to do. Craftsmanship and aesthetics combine to create the allure of an automatic watch. Wearing an Automatic is a statement of elegance with respect for tradition.

Having no embedded battery, Automatic watches are environmentally friendly and demonstrate a responsible attitude about sustainability. You have the power to think about the future and choose products free from planned obsolescence. The Automatic watch you buy today is a heritage piece that will last fora lifetime and for generations yet to come.

The Grayton Quality

Grayton Automatic Watches are authentic timepieces. The sophisticated design and refined quality of Grayton offers the unparalleled experience of automatic watches at a reasonable price. Within their 316 stainless steel case, Grayton embrace a Japanese movement by Seiko, which is a respected standard in the watch industry and a token of quality.

Here at Grayton we believe that only the best materials can make the best watches and we are very selective with our suppliers. Our craftsman pay close attention to every detail of the watch to ensure the quality and uniqueness of every piece we produce. Our automatic watch manufacturing system borrows from time-honoured techniques of watchmaking that have been used for centuries in traditional horology. Grayton then takes advantage of the latest technology available in the market, to offer the best products. Once produced, every watch goes through a series of extensive and meticulous quality testing to ensure perfection.